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Mina Nawe

My friend Paul Shiakallis and I collaborated to produce and become Mina Nawe. They say that "sharing is caring", so we've been working on exploring our combined skills with myself on styling and Paul on photography to produce a visual story series.

We have different styles, tastes, expressions, gender identities, backgrounds and races so it's a give and take process that I've learnt so much from. And that has given me so much needed life.

Using beauty and style as a way to tell a kind of a story about identity. Who we are is rooted and built on so many elements from gender roles to affordability. Stories that touch on rebellious experience and of everyday slayecia. Because life is alot of everydays.

To help us bring our vision to life, we further collaborated with other amazing people on hair styling/ head wear and makeup.

The muses, are also connected to us, usually friends that have captivating looks. The pairing is always my favourite part, combining faces that…

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